221123 Bellevue Portugal Grupo A Santo Quote scaled


221123 Bellevue Portugal Grupo A Santo Quote scaled


221123 Bellevue Portugal Grupo A Santo Quote scaled


In joint venture with Grupo Santo RE Capital announces luxury residential project in Cascais

RE Capital, the property company specialising in repurposed real estate in Europe’s cosmopolitan cities, has acquired a site in Cascais, Lisbon, and achieved the construction license (planning permission) that will enable it to develop 14 high-end apartments with a GDV of €40 million.

The project, known as Bellevue, is a joint venture between RE Capital and local developer Grupo Santo. This partnership comprises two high-end projects in one of the best areas of Cascais, spanning 11,300 sq m above ground.

Being Bellevue the first project to see the light of day, it is expected to become one of the most exclusive residential offerings in the Cascais area, with construction expected to commence in Q1 2024, and completion scheduled for 2025.

Bellevue will feature 14 unique apartments, designed by the renowned ARX Portugal – Arquitectos office, that epitomise elegance and sophistication, with a focus on practicality and sustainability. The project promises to deliver a residential experience that underscores quality modern living, while setting new benchmarks in luxury residential living.

The project’s anticipated delivery in 2025 is testament to this joint venture’s dedication to every development phase. Each apartment in Bellevue will be a manifestation of meticulous design, craftsmanship, and innovation, which is expected by investors interested in luxury residential living.

The development’s strategic location in Cascais, a region renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and upscale establishments, further solidifies the appeal of Bellevue – making it a beacon of luxury and elegance in Lisbon’s residential real estate market.

Nuno Vicente Santos, Head of Portugal at RE Capital, said: “Cascais offers a world of wonder for travellers seeking an authentic and unforgettable experience. From the colourful fishing villages to the visually striking beaches – every corner of Cascais is a feast for the senses. Historic demand for this area sends a clear signal to investors that this is an opportunity rife for growth.”

Newman Leech, CEO of RE Capital, said: “Bellevue is a landmark development which showcases the pinnacle of luxury living in Cascais. Partnering with Grupo Santo strengthens our dedication to realising a vision of excellence and exclusivity for investors and future tenants.”

Paulo Santo, Vice-President of Grupo Santo, said: “We have been operating in the real estate market for 50 years and we know the potential of Cascais particularly well, whose urban landscape is intertwined with the history of Grupo Santo. With this promising partnership with RE Capital, we continue decades of work, based on quality and innovation, which guides our project and the choice of our partners.”