Olivier Hezelot, Nuno Santos, Newman Leech, and John Neto Valente from RE Capital


Olivier Hezelot, Nuno Santos, Newman Leech, and John Neto Valente from RE Capital


Olivier Hezelot, Nuno Santos, Newman Leech, and John Neto Valente from RE Capital

RE Capital places the first Non-Violence statue in Lisbon, Portugal

8 December 2023 – RE Capital, the property company specialising in repurposed real estate in Europe’s cosmopolitan cities, is pleased to share that it has placed the first Non-Violence statue in Lisbon, Portugal.

This news follows RE Capital’s announcement last year about our partnership with global non-profit organisation, The Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF), where the Non-Violence statue was unveiled by Portuguese football legend Luis Figo at an event last year.

Announcing the official placement of the Non-Violence statue at RE Capital’s development, LX Living, in Lisbon on the 8th of December holds special significance, as it is the anniversary of the Beatles’ legend John Lennon’s death. The Non-Violence statue was created to honour Lennon’s vision of a peaceful world by his Swedish friend and artist, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. The Non-Violence Project Foundation was formed in 1993, where Carl Fredrik’s Non-Violence sculpture is used as an international symbol of peace, with replicas being placed in more than 30 strategic locations around the world, with Lisbon now being added to this international list, where members of the public will be able to visit it from next year.

This partnership is centred on engagement and education for entire communities. Since the establishment of RE Capital’s community studios in Marvila, Lisbon, our workshops have included over 110 children and 20 senior citizens, with support from 35 group leaders and instructors, all designed to promote peace, inclusivity, and diversity.

Our RE-Thinking Community initiative has also been presented to the Marvila Education Board to boost awareness and expand our community reach. In order to think global but act local, we have named our Lisbon focused community initiative to Project SOMAR, which means ‘sum up’.

RE Capital’s RE-Thinking Community initiative will continue to focus on engagement and education for entire communities in the years to come – providing tangible needs-based activities to diverse community members.

Follow Project SOMAR on LinkedIn and Instagram for more regular updates about our Marvila-focused community initiative.

Newman Leech, CEO at RE Capital, said: “To make a meaningful impact it is our responsibility to meet the community where it is at. Continually rethinking what are the unique needs of the people who reside in the areas we are developing, are our initiatives locally relevant, and how we ensure longevity. Our world is in continual need of peace and productive collaboration, and this iconic symbol of peace serves as a reminder for us all to be the change we want to see in the world.”

John Neto Valente, Investment Director at RE Capital, said: “When we develop, the wellbeing of the people who will occupy or be within close proximity to our buildings remains a priority throughout all development phases. Inclusivity of all walks of life is vital for Project SOMAR – no matter what the community members’ age, race, background, or how they identify. It is a privilege for the city of Lisbon to host the Non-Violence statue – an international symbol of peace and hope for our generation and the generations that come after ours.”

Anouk Tenten, CEO at The Non-Violence Project Foundation, said: “NVPF’s vision is to empower people through creative learning to overcome violence in all its forms. We partner with organisions who share our vision, and are proud to be associated with the wonderful community-focused work RE Capital has done over the past year. We are delighted to expand the location of our Non-Violence statues to include Lisbon now – serving as an important reminder for all local residents and international visitors that the world needs to prioritise peaceful conflict resolution, and work together to be the change.”